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Ways of Seeing

Group work with Yufei Lin

The topic of AI agency continues to capture the public’s attention, prompting impor- tant questions about the extent to which AI can act as an agent for humans. Despite recent advancements in computer vision, which have led to greater public trust in content algorithms, Ways of Seeing seeks to challenge this trust and highlight the differences between human perception and AI recognition.

Ways of Seeing is a thought-provoking video installation that incorporates a web app, microphone, and camera. Housed within a white cube, visitors are encour- aged to vocalize their observations regarding a series of intentionally blurred pho- tos. Simultaneously, a machine learning algorithm provides recognition results for the same images.

Data is a central component of the entire experience, with the images displayed generated by AI to facilitate an information exchange between algorithms and the human mind. Feedback gathered from both visitors and AI is replayed at the end of the exhibit. By comparing the results, visitors are prompted to question the different ways in which humans and AI perceive the world. Ways of Seeing is an innovative project that serves to challenge preconceptions about AI and inspire a new dialogue about the role of technology in our lives.

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