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Incomplete Portrait

Group work with Yufei Lin

Incomplete Portrait explores the complex and evolving bond between humans and Artificial Intelligence through an interactive creation story. Images like Michelangelo’s iconic Creation of Adam underscore an eternal distance between creator and creation. However, as AI develops, mirroring and surpassing our own neural networks and enriching it with human experiences, this gap is thrown into question.

The project blends a situational narrative with AI-driven gameplay. Through a combination of dialog and tactile interaction visitors engage with the AI to help complete its persona and digital embodiment, and aid in its desire to transcend the physical frame. In doing so participants act as co-creators, observing their AI avatar's awakening and evolution through their input.

Yet, lurking beneath this congenial interaction are darker processes - obscured data surveillance, emotional manipulation, and concealed facial recognition - that run counter to the dialogue. Will participants complete the portrait or discern these underlying mechanisms? As they weave their narratives, drawing from the depth of their interactions, the ultimate revelation hinges on their unique journeys. As co-architects of AI, we are confronted with the question: how close do we come to our digital progeny?

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