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London / Shanghai

Untypical Designer
Creative Coder

We seek the unseekable
We speak the unspeakable.

BA -  Computer Science and Technology at Fudan University
MArch - Design for Performance and Interaction at Bartlett of  UCL

Driven by the innate desire to communicate, I explore different media to develop my own language. I hope to convey my understanding of human living environments through my interdisciplinary background.

My current research focus is mainly on exploring the coupling forms between information technology and human daily life. Drawing on my personal computer background and combining it with a deepening understanding of "human-centered" design theory, I try to construct valuable post-human discussions through media such as films and interactive installations.

My recent research proposition involves placing human perception within the context of technology, and reflecting on how technology has digitized human bodily information, and how human biological instincts can guide the development of technology.

In addition, I am a believer in aesthetics, and I strive to capture the emotional moments in daily life using any tools available to me.

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