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Point and Line to Space

Drawing inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky's seminal work, "Point and Line to Plane," this project, entitled "Point and Line to Space," seeks to capture Kandinsky's notion of the "noisy point." Through an immersive, interactive process, the project explores how individual dots can transform into lines and ultimately compose a three-dimensional space. This virtual space extends beyond the boundaries of the computer screen and invites viewers to engage with the project on both a visual and intellectual level.

The interactive experience comprises three chapters: "Noisy Points," "From Points to Lines," and "From Lines to Cubes." Visitors are invited to participate actively in the creative process through the use of mouse clicks and key presses.

Through the project's fluid and dynamic design, viewers are transported into a world where they can effortlessly glide through space, surfing on the waves of their own thoughts. The virtual space expands and evolves into a limitless dimension that encompasses all entities, including the viewer.

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